High Quality HDMI Cable Version 1.3b

We offer total solution for HDMI cables with different options. Our HDMI cable can reach HDMI v1.3 standard and Full HD with ease. Wide range of connectors, AWG, exterior meshes are available for customization. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable jumper is for connecting HDTVs, Digital Flat Panel displays (Plasma or LCD TVs) and other components with HDMI connections to digital DVD players, digital A/V receivers and other equipment's with HDMI connections.

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Excellent for HD Terrestrial Receiver , HD DVD player and Amp. And to be used with any HD LCD/ Plasma TV.

    Hi-End 5m

Standard 1.8m
Superior 1.8m with Filter
 Hi-End 3m
Hi-End 1.8m

    Hi-End 3m



HDCP Compliant
HDMI: 1.3b Version Compliant
Resolution: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P
Data Sheet Transfer: 10.3 Gbp
Connector: 24K gold plated with metal+pvc housing with nylon sleeve - HDMI 19pin -19pin

Unparalleled Audio/Video Interface:
HDMI Cables provide a wide bandwidth for high quality digital signals of video and audio. They can be used to connect your DVD, surround sound processor or digital displays such as Plasma or LCD displays. You wil get the highest quality signal transmission for the most demanding applications.

ATIS anti-interference noise-resisting shielding:
HDMI cables are designed to deliver highest quality signals to your A/V equipments. Our special ATIS (anti-interference-shielding) will reject interference for the signal transmission. 24K Gold plated contacts will provide maximum transfer accuracy. GICD (Gas-Injected Cellular Dielectric) provides high-velocity, with full signal strength and super low loss.

Electrical Performance:
Dielectric Strength: 300V DC for 10ms
Insulation Resistance: 10MEGA Ohms Min.
Differential Impedance: 100+/- 10 Ohms - TDR
Contact Resistance: 2 Ohms Max.
Cross – Talk (FLEX): 5% Max.
Intra-Pair Skew: < 150 PS

Mechanical Performance:
Cable Pull Force: 89~110N @ 30s
Flex Test: 100 Cycles.